Christine’s life took a turn for the worse when she was evicted unexpectedly from her room in East Ham. She describes what happened: “At nine o’clock in the morning, we was evicted. The Housing Officer asked if I could stay at my dad’s, so I stayed there, but he didn’t want to talk about the situation and he didn’t really want me there. He said he wanted the place to himself… He chucked me out. He said he’d had enough. I then went over to a friend’s but… she couldn’t have me there so she chucked me out. Then I went to my sister’s but she’s in a council house and she couldn’t have me there and she chucked me out.”

“I had nowhere else to go”

Christine didn’t know where she would go next. “I got to the point that I knew any day, at any point, I was gonna be on the street and I was gonna be sleeping rough… I had nowhere else to go”. Christine thought her options had run out, so she asked Crisis Skylight what they could do. “That night they [Crisis] rang and they said ‘Hold on to your phone, they [GrowTH] might ring’, and that night they rang and said ‘Yeah we’ve got a bed for you, and you can stay tonight.’”

“They were so helpful

When Christine arrived at the night shelter she didn’t know what to expect. “I was so nervous… I didn’t know who would be sleeping next to me. I didn’t know what was gonna happen.” Thankfully, Christine was pleasantly surprised. “It was so excellent. They are so welcoming.” She explains, “They were so relaxed and they were so helpful. They sit down and talk to you. They really chat, they’re really polite, they really support you, and it’s just such a relaxed atmosphere… People really talk to you like you’re a really good person. Everyone’s really nice and relaxed about the whole situation.”

New beginnings

Before long, we were able to help find Christine a room. “I was in the shelter two weeks and I was found a room with Changing Lives Housing Trust. It’s supported accommodation, and it was agreed that I could have a room there. I’m now living at Greenwich.” Christine is feeling settled in her new home and is enjoying getting to know the area. “I feel a lot, lot better than I did… I feel that there are things that are positive actually happening in my life again. I feel a lot more positive about the future.”

“I’m trying to live a Christian life

Christine is grateful that the church was there for her in her time of need. “I’ve always been a Christian… I very much believe that at times when you haven’t got anything, you really turn your life over to religion, because you don’t have anywhere else to go… I’ve always followed a very Christian faith and I’m trying to live a Christian life… You just need the support in your life.” Christine is now part of a local church in Greenwich where she’s been going since she moved to the area. The church family gave her a warm welcome. “They’re really positive and it’s really nice and they’re really friendly.”

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