We at GrowTH are taking the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously and are reviewing our response each day as the situation develops and as new advice is given. We are doing all we can to protect guests, volunteers, staff and the public from infection, and will continue to do so.

Let’s keep going
For the time being, we are encouraging volunteers to continue helping out at the shelter if they are not displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (mainly a dry cough and/or fever) and are not in an at risk group (underlying health condition or aged over 70). Official guidance recommends that shelter stay open, so we will continue to provide shelter for as long as we are able. We have put extra measures in place to ensure good hygiene is maintained in the shelter (see links to documents below). So far, none of our guests have displayed symptoms.
Let’s be sensible
We are asking that any volunteers who do have symptoms follow current government advice and self-isolate for at least 7 days. We are also asking that any volunteers with underlying health conditions or aged over 70 do not come to the shelter. If you were due to volunteer, please inform the relevant person so that they can make alternative arrangements for the volunteer team.
Let’s go the extra mile
Finally, while the shelter is open and until further restrictions are put in place, we are asking our network of volunteers to consider volunteering at the shelter more than usual, as the need now is greater than ever. Let’s work together and do what we can for those who are vulnerable, including our homeless neighbours. Let’s put aside any selfishness and fear and choose to live out a Christ-like attitude of love and compassion for our neighbour, whilst also being wise about the best way to do that.
Please see the latest versions of our coronavirus documents below. We will update these as the situation develops:

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