Before GrowTH

“I was sleeping in a car. I was working, but couldn’t afford to get anywhere. Then I ended up losing the job, then staying in the car for a few more months, then eventually getting into contact with GrowTH. When I came to GrowTH I had like 3 sets of clothes to my name, it had got that bad.”

Supported Homes

After staying in the shelter Steve was one of the first guests to move into our new Supported Housing. “I was given a place with GrowTH housing scheme which had just started, which gave me a great base ground to get back on my feet. The flat was great, it was basically a new flat, it felt like a new flat, it felt like a new start, just got to start afresh, start rebuilding your life, rebuilding from scratch.”

Steve would meet regularly with our Supported Housing Manager. “Having people around that are there to believe in you and help you achieve what it is you want to achieve. Obviously having yourself [GrowTH], being able to phone and get support if I needed anything or a bit of reassurance about anything that was cool, it was great help, being in a car one moment you’ve got nobody around.”

“Get a job a be stable

In the 12 months Steve stayed with GrowTH he was able to “get a job and be stable, pay decent rent and be stable enough to sort out my life and getting everything back that I need and be self-mobile.” Steve shares how having the right length of time was key to him progressing “just to have that security, knowing that I had time to get everything in place that I needed to rather than rushing… to stay out of that situation [of homelessness].”

Once spending winter sleeping in a car, lonely and out of work, Steve has now moved on from the project into his own accommodation, paid for from the earnings he saved. In just 12 months Steve took this opportunity with both hands and has taken great steps forward.

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