Before coming to the GrowTH Supported Housing, Uthman had become trapped in a cycle of homelessness. He had found it hard to sustain accommodation and found himself on and off homeless for a number of years. He describes his situation “I was sleeping in a hostel. When I started the [college] course the housing benefit stopped and the money I got from the student support couldn’t cover the rent, it was £220 a week, and I couldn’t pay that so I had to leave the hostel.”

Moving into the Supported Housing, Uthman found a good environment to complete his Network Engineering course. Living in a shared flat with two other residents Uthman said the flat was “well furnished and got everything we need, me and the other two flatmates get on when we’re together, no arguments yet! It’s going smoothly.”

The Supported Housing worker met regularly with Uthman, support which he found “very useful, with housing and also helping me to find a new accommodation and help me look for jobs. We meet every week for updates to see how I’m getting on, it’s useful to update and get feedback, it’s been very useful.”

Supported Housing works in partnership with many other organisations to make sure the best support is offered to each resident. To help Uthman move closer to employment he was referred to the Resco program in West London. Uthman reflects on the experience: “It’s given me a chance to get into a working routine, getting up in the morning, very useful when I start a full time job.”

Recently Uthman has started paid work with an agency and has secured further paid work starting shortly. When asked about the future Uthman says: “I hope to get accommodation of my own so I can start to live again. It’s been a long time since I’ve [not] been homeless so I am looking forward to getting a place of my own.”

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