Yemi became homeless as a result of an informal tenancy which went wrong. She fell out with the person who she was living with and was forced to leave, ending up spending several weeks sleeping on night buses and the street. Eventually she was referred to GrowTH in November 2015 by Crisis Skylight.

A shared experience

“You came to rescue me!” she says. “Being on the streets was hell. Thank God it wasn’t really winter yet – if it was I don’t know what could have happened. [After being referred] I was really happy to know that I had a temporary shelter. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be where I am now. The shelter was very amazing. I shared my experience with all different kinds of people. I was happy.”

Finding a home

Over the first couple of weeks we were able to help Yemi resolve the issue at her former home and help her to search and apply for accommodation. After being put on the waiting list for a couple of different housing options it looked like Yemi might finish her stay with us with nowhere to go, but at the end of her final week an opportunity with a private landlord came through. “[On my first day] I lay on the bed! I didn’t even go out; I was just indoors because I was so pleased to have my own bed and somewhere stable to sleep. So thank God for providing me with shelter!” Yemi has made herself at home in her new area in South East London. “Now I have a job too as a carer for elderly people. It’s amazing.”

Moving forwards

She goes on to sum up her experience of being at GrowTH. “When you are going through something you have never experienced before, you feel down in many ways, but now I am a stronger person. I see people in a different way. For example now I get along fine with my neighbours and I can move forwards. I would say that GrowTH is a good place for people to go. They are really helpful, really tolerant. I really appreciate what GrowTH has done for me. You’ve done a job well done!”

What’s next for you?

“For now I don’t think I have any plans. I’m going to carry on doing what I’m doing, keep working and see what the future holds.

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