We at GrowTH are taking the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously and are reviewing our response each day as the situation develops and as new advice is given. We are doing all we can to protect guests, volunteers, staff and the public from infection, and will continue to do so.

UPDATE 28/03/2020: 
All of GrowTH’s shelter guests have now been given individual rooms in hotels by the Greater London Authority as part of a London-wide effort to provide a safe place to stay for those without a home during the coronavirus pandemic. Guests are receiving three meals per day and will continue to receive support via telephone from GrowTH staff. The shelter is therefore closed for the remainder of the season. Thank you to everyone who made the shelter happen this season! To read more about how it all happened, read our newsletter here.
Please see the latest versions of our coronavirus documents below. We will update these as the situation develops:

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