Coming soon

At GrowTH, we are always seeking to review and improve the work that we do. The pandemic allowed us an opportunity to try a different model of shelter. There were many advantages to the static shelter format, and although (after much consideration) we have chosen to return to the church-based night shelter model, we want to learn from these last two years and incorporate elements into our future plans.

To that end, we have decided to open a day centre, to complement our winter night shelter. Our vision is for a place where our shelter guests can relax in the day time, combating the problem of guests having to wander the streets in the winter months, seeking refuge until the shelter doors open at 7.30pm.

We would also like there to be space to store some luggage of our guests, to relieve them of this (literal!) burden. 

The meetings with the Advocate Workers will be conducted here, and we also envisage additional space for an expanded timetable of activities, such as opportunities to build relationships and friendships,  as well as bible studies and faith events.

We are yet to secure the right venue in Tower Hamlets – do you know of any empty space which could meet our needs? (And not blow the budget!). Please contact if you have any ideas. We are open to somewhere for the short term (until May 2023) or a longer term solution.