The GrowTH night shelter could not run without the hard work of hundreds of local volunteers. These volunteers primarily come from local churches, but you do not need to go to church to become a volunteer. Please click the sign-up button below if you are interested in volunteering at the shelter.

The shelter runs in various church venues around Tower Hamlets. For each night of the week there are three shelter shifts:

7-10 volunteers needed

Tasks include:

  • Cooking and serving dinner
  • Setting up beds and bedding, tables and chairs
  • Greeting and chatting to guests
  • Washing up

2 volunteers needed
(at least one must be male)

Tasks include:

  • Locking up
  • Sleeping!​

3-4 volunteers needed

Tasks include:

  • Cooking and serving breakfast
  • Packing away beds and bedding
  • Washing up
  • Sweeping/hoovering floor​

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