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The story so far…

April 2020

Back in April 2020, a long term supporter of GrowTH decided to donate a property of his to help us continue and build the work of GrowTH Housing. This was a donation like no other, and excitedly, the team started to dream about what the future held.

The  clear vision was to open a community house. Although the current GrowTH Housing model allows us to provide additional much needed support to the guests, our experience has shown that for many guests, to break the cycle of homeless, much more intensive support is required, in a loving and family-type environment. Residential rehabs like Betel and Teen Challenge prove very effective in bringing about long-term transformations in people and so we are inspired by these community homes.

GrowTH believes that true transformation comes through a relationship with God, made possible through the sacrificial, finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. The Christian faith will therefore be the bedrock of the house, although residents of all or no religion will be welcomed in.

August 2021

After sharing our vision with our generous donor, he decided to donate a second property, to help us fulfil it! So amazing.

October 2021

At a staff and board Away Day, the green light was given to pursue the opening of a community house.

Feb 2022

The first property has had an offer accepted, and the second property is currently being marketed . The team are viewing suitable properties in the borough to purchase.

Feb 2023

Both properties have now been sold and we are in a strong position to purchase a building. A couple of buildings have been offered on, but neither has materialised. 

If you know of a suitable property for sale (in the region of £1m-£1.5m) or if you would like to support our venture in any way, please contact . Additional funds will be required – could you consider pledging your financial support?