Connection and Community

Stable Life

Christ Centered

The purpose of the Growth Housing is to assist guests in the transition from homelessness to independent living by providing permanent accommodation and additional support. This support primarily focuses on assisting the residents into work, further education or training. However, it also includes, accessing benefits, money management, their wellbeing and health, as well as considerately encouraging guests to interact with the Christian faith. 

Each resident typically stays for 12 months with the intention that with a stable income they are then able to move on into Private Rented Sector accommodation.

To help implement the vision of GrowTH Housing we have opened a communal flat to provide a safe space for residents, to connect with the team, one another, to run relevant courses, a place where residents can begin to find purpose and belonging. At GrowTH Housing we recognise a need to provide space for residents to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally in the many facets of life.

The stability of this accommodation, coupled with the support of our housing team enables residents to take positive steps forward in life.